Mr. Manish Kolhatkar


Mr. Mandar Kirane

Very few people these days dare to dream, even fewer are brave enough to follow there dreams.

M-Tek Engineers is a story about two young men who decided to take on the challenges by following their passion. They knew what they wanted & were determined & brave enough to fight for it.

Manish Kolhatkar & Mandar Kirane both mechanical Engineer from the esteemed Pune University, started ‘ M-TEK ‘ IN 2001. At that time four wheeler accessories such as front & rear guard,roof luggage carrier & side step were not a regular feature for a vehicle. It is the result of their efforts, hard work , innovation & proper use of advance technology that helped this industry to achieve today’s greater high.

Every passing day, month & year has made them more experienced & assure you to deliver the best to make a perfect dress code for your vehicle !!!